Georgia and the team thank you for my new Maui Jim sunglasses. Love the lenses and love the frames! You took the time to make sure we got the right solution for me.

I travelled all the way from north Queensland to see Mark for scleral contact lens fitting. He worked closely with my optometrist up here and my corneal specialist ophthalmologist in Brisbane. What a great result to my poor vision that I get in glasses. I can now watch Netflix, the next rugby world cup, the cricket world cup and even Jarryd Hayne playing American football. Amazing the vision difference to my life is just great. I can now visit my local optometrist and Mark liaises with him if he needs a hand. Nice work guys thanks.

I just want to thank Mark and team for helping me with my eyes. I have keratoconus and Marfan syndrome and I am a tall basketball player. I now can wear hybrid contact lenses for all day at school and for sport. They don’t move around like my old ones and I shoot like Lamar Odom! Maybe one of the Kardashian girls will date me now ?? At least I can see while playing Agar.io and Call of Duty.

Mark and team I would like to say a quick thank you for my Rudy Project prescription cycling specs. They are not as cool as my Maui Jim sunnies I got from you but it is amazing how prescription can be put into both of these. Nice work and see you on the bike!

Thank you Mark for getting my keratoconus sorted out for me. I have those funny kera-rings or maybe they are called intacs I dont know. I saw Dr Hamish McKee at Laser Sight Centres at Maroochydore and he was awesome with his treatment and the best thing he did was ask me to see you in Brisbane. I have tried all sorts of contact lenses and had some real trouble but these are working great. Its a shame I cant see that well in glasses but I do that kick boxing thing like Ronda Rousey anyway ?.

Mark has sorted all three of my children with orthoK contact lens. Myopia control is something that we have researched and we wanted to help to stop our children being as short sighted as us parents. We have seen lots of problems with big myopia and with Mark’s help and orthokeratology this seems to be helping the myopia control. So far so good and at least we try but it is good news. Thank you Mark Hinds Optometrists.

A quick thanks to Mark and his team for helping me with my keratoconus and RGP contact lenses. My corneal specialist at Queensland Eye Institute did a great job of stopping my keratoconus getting worse with corneal crosslinking and asked me to see Mark a month after the surgery. Now I am smashing at cricket in my hybrid SynergEyes contact lenses which I love they rock and I am waiting for the call up for the cricket world cup! You will never guess that I have now watched all the Star Wars movies including your favourite The Force Awakens or was that Fifty Shades of Grey ?? See you in 6 months Ben.

Mark you are not as cool as that guy from Jurassic World and you are not as fast as Lance Armstrong on your bicycle but you really know how to fit my weird shaped corneas with RGP contact lenses! Amongst the banter and fun times which is supposed to be a sterile and formal consultation we got great vision and so much better comfort than the old little button ones I was wearing. So this is what a contact lens specialist can do:) – SEE you on the bike Ryan.

My 13 yo son has been struggling wearing his glasses for sport, school and let’s face it life. Orthok with him has been a Godsend for him to just wear a lens to sleep in and nothing during the day means that it is simply one more thing he can’t lose at school. Thanks for sorting him out and hopefully this myopia control technique keeps him from getting more short sighted. Cheers.

My mum asked me to send you an email to say thanks for getting me to see the corneal specialist at QEI so fast. If found him to be nearly as funny as you. He has done his corneal cross linking which was really not that bad, I got time off school. I got your SynergEyes hybrid contact lens link and they look good. Mum reckons once I get them I won’t be as annoying as Donald Trump whatever that means? Probably because I will be able to get out of the house and playing baseball again and will see the ball! See you in a bit. Ta.

I would like to say a quick thank you to Mark and the girls for all the help you have given me for my glaucoma drops and macular degeneration. Every optometrist should have all the testing equipment that you have and work with my eye specialist just like you do. It would save so many older people so much time and effort. Thank you again and I will see you when my drops prescription needs filling shortly. Sincerely, Joyce.

Mark thank you for getting my cataracts sorted out with Dr Brendan Cronin at QEI. He was great and it was painless. He tells me that you can monitor my dry ARMD with your OCT and I am sure that you know what that means. The new reading glasses are great and only need them from time to time. C U 4 the OCT in 6 months. C

Mark sorted me out with scleral lenses for my corneal grafts which have worked out great. I see Dr Peter Beckingsale for the grafts and Mark sends him all of his information and can help with the medications if the eyes need some settling down. It works well and it is very nice to know that I am well looked after. Regards, Will.

My local GP, Dr Tim Vo, works closely with Mark as fortune would have it. I had some funny floaters in my right eye and I saw my GP who asked Mark to see me asap. Within 2 hours I had seen Mark then retinal specialist Dr Anthony Kwan and getting laser to seal off a retinal tear that afternoon. Unbelievable! Very grateful to my team of health professionals. THANK YOU ALL!

All the girls at Mark Hinds Optometrist a big well done on sorting me out with awesome specs. Feeling a little Bold and the Beautiful! #BARTON PERRIERA

Mark these daily soft contact lenses have been great for soccer for us old over 30’s players! I still cant believe I did not get these in time for the Asian Cup as I missed my calling! I’ve been running around blind. Funny how many other guys in the team now say they are using soft contact lenses too. Watch out David Beckham! Nice work.

Mark was able to see me quickly and sort out my sore red eye. He got me the prescription drops and got me back to recovery quickly. I am so glad that my busy life was not interrupted by a painful red eye! Thx Lee

#Rayban sunglasses very nice and the gold rims with mirror lenses. Oh yeah! #sunglasses #markhindsoptometrsts #greatoptometrists #fashioneyewear

Gee and team thank you for my G-Star Raw sunnies! Totes awesome. I will be back for more contact lenses also. Ta Katie.

Guys just a quick note to let you know that Guy now thinks that he is Captain America in his new Barton Perreira specs you might want to see http://www.bartonperreira.com/exposure/faces/ – thanks again for looking after us.