Case Report 7 – Unilateral Keratoconus

Case Report 7 – Unilateral Keratoconus

Case Report 7 – Unilateral Keratoconus

Unilateral keratoconus and contact lens fitting

  • —24 yo male
  • Sniper in army – shoots off right shoulder and sights with right eye.
  • —Unilateral keratoconic (20% of keratoconus)
  • —Corneal Specialist referral – good time to riboflavin?
  • —Monocular fit = flip lid / applanation tonometry.  The sensitivity test.


  • OD: +2.00 / -2.25 x 88     (6/5=)
  • OS: +0.50DS

Plan A

  • SDTCL 8.7/14.0/+1.75/-1.75 x 90 (BLPVFA)
    • Rotationally unstable


Plan B

  • RGP CL Correction
    • 7.40/14.0/C edge/-3.50 Boston XO (6/6+)
    • Rotationally symmetric RGP
    • No need for Front Surface Toric or asymmetric periphery

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