Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

We use the latest optometric testing equipment as only premium eye care is acceptable:
Visual acuity equipment including: Topcon auto-refractor, auto-keratometer, auto-pachometer (central corneal thickness), auto-tonometer and CV-5000 computerised refractor head and vision tester for extreme accuracy.

Optical Coherence Tomography using Ziess technology “the gold standard in OCT imaging” gives us fine details of ARMD and glaucoma detection, management and care. The retinal specialists trust Zeiss for this and so do we.  Our glaucoma patients are co-managed with specialist ophthalmologists and ARMD further care arranged if indicated when wet ARMD is discovered and/or has changed. Macular degeneration is important to monitor regularly with many of our patients seen regularly for scans in case dry ARMD turns to wet ARMD.  Our OCT can also image the anterior segment helping us with mini-scleral and scleral contact lenses along with other RGP designs for our keratoconic, post corneal graft and irregular corneal patients.

Digital retinal imaging using high definition Nikon (12MP) digital cameras and computerised imaging for early detection and monitoring of retinal pathology.  This image is then carefully viewed with each patient on a 42″ screen which as they say – “a picture tells a thousand words”.

Medmont corneal topographer with digital contact lens simulation for complicated eyes and specialty contact lens fitting and ability to send imaging directly to laboratory for lens manufacture.

Medmont visual field analyser with video feed for accurate field assessment and monitoring for issues such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration (ARMD) and field loss.

We have an extensive range of contact lens trial sets in both soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.  Whether the contact lenses be soft, rigid or hybrid when a new contact lens comes to market (often pre-market release) we position ourselves to get this latest technology and make it available.  Many of our patients have been involved in clinical trial of new release contact lenses way before the world gets hold of them.

We love using cutting edge equipment and we are often involved in pre-release products and research so you may be asked to be a part of the future of eye care.  We treat your eyes like our eyes where only the best will suffice.


Latest Generation Water Gradient Contact Lenses –

Multi-focal contact lenses added to Alcon’s portfolio of Dailies Total 1 single vision lenses.  Australia is the first country in the world with this technology.

Dailies Total One Multifocal Contact Lens @ Mark Hinds Optometrists ::

Australia is the first country with access of the Dailies Total One Multi-focal Contact Lens.  We have had early access to this product and we have some happy patients with comfortable contact lenses at the beginning and the end of the day.  Amazing technology in a disposable contact lens with the ability to deliver reading as well as distance for those of us who need multifocal specs or just reading specs.

Now we can look at this option for our patients – water gradient contact lens technology in the space of presbyopia – I KNOW EXCITING RIGHT????

Alcon Dailies Total 1 contact lenses @ Mark Hinds Optometrists

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