Mark Hinds Optometrists EyeFit Team – Bridge to Brisbane 2016 –

This year some of the Mark Hinds Optometrists team will be partaking in the annual Bridge to Brisbane run to help raise funds for The Eloise Gannon Foundation. The Eloise Gannon Foundation was founded to honour the memory of the beautiful Eloise, who at age 15, unexpectedly passed away from Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW). We will be running in support of Team Eloise in a bid to raise awareness to WPW and help reduce incidences of Sudden Cardiac Death in our youth. Along with raising awareness on the subject, their goal is to raise funds for a Team Eloise Mobile ECG Van for on the road screenings of our youth for WPW and other potential life threatening arrhythmia.

Help us help EGF reach this goal by donating via our B2B team page, or by donating directly on the Eloise Gannon Foundation website!


See our Facebook fundraising web page for this very worthy charity!   It is our goal to make a difference with our efforts and fundraising for this cause!  Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Hinds Optometrists EyeFit Team Fundraiser for Eliose Gannon Foundation – Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

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