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Mark Hinds Optometrists is an independent owned and operated Optometry Practice.  Our practice continues to direct bill examinations to Medicare where possible.  We are here to give you the personal experience that everyone who gives us the opportunity to look after their vision needs deserves.

We offer complete eyecare for spectacles, contact lenses, specialty contact lenses, children’s vision, binocular vision issues and all areas of eye health.  We have state of the art testing equipment for early detection of ocular pathology, use specialist contact lens evaluation technology and lenses.  So we do more than just the very complex cases and complex contact lens fitting!

Our optometrists are therapeutically qualified which means we can treat eye infections and other issues which require prescription eye drops.  At this stage only about 25% of optometrists are qualified to do this and we strive to be as up to date with our training as possible.  We are strive to be the highest qualified optometrists possible – we have undergraduate and post graduate training from both Australia and overseas.  Your eye specialist may ask you to see us to prescribe your eye medications in between visits or for us to manage your eye condition for the longer term.

Checking your vision to see if you require glasses or contact lenses is only one aspect of an eye examination.  We can also detect ocular health problems such as glaucoma and cataracts, and even general health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our practice takes great pride in providing the most comprehensive eye examination possible and uses state-of-the-art equipment to assist us in the assessment of your vision and ocular health.  You can see your retinal images, corneal topography, visual field results, and OCT results immediately on the 42 inch LCD screen in the digital imaging room – So you can then see what we can see to monitor any possible change and be involved in your care plan.

Even more important is our access to premium spectacle, sunglass and contact lenses so that the end product has the possibility of being the best!  We are NOT part of any buying group or franchise store so we selectively and carefully choose the optimum product for the best result for every patient.  We treat your eyes like our eyes you might say we custom-eyes every eye every time.

We are community service minded providing regular nursing home visits and home visits for those who can no longer get to our practice.  We continue to be the only provider for medical aids subsidy scheme (MASS) in the New Farm area for those or require spectacles through Queensland Government Health.  Our aim is to give something back to our community.  We are involved with RBWH, PA Hospital and Mater Hospital ophthalmology co-management for special cases that require specialty contact lenses for paediatric contact lenses, post graft corneas, keratoconus and corneal irregularity.  If you are referred from the RBWH, Mater or the PA Ophthalmology department please bring your referral letter with you at your first consultation.

If you are referred from the RBWH, Mater, Lady Cilento or the PA ophthalmology department please bring your referral letter with you at your first consultation (and URL number if you know it).  If you think that you have keratoconus see: So you think that you have keratoconus?

We love being a part of the New Farm and greater community and do our best to give every patient the highest quality of care and product possible.

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