Winter is upon us!

Winter is upon us!

7 Jun 2018 |

Winter and Contact Lenses

The cold weather combined with winds, rain and other environmental factors, can really take a toll on our eyes. Believe it or not, the winter air is actually drier than any other season so here are some top tips to save your eyes this winter:
  •  Contact Lenses shouldn’t be worn if you are suffering from a cold, you run the risk of damage but also infection being transferred to your eyes when inserting or removing them.
  • Make sure you change your contact lenses regularly according to your schedule. You need to allow them to breathe, reducing that irritation and increase the comfort for those chilly days. 
  • Use eye drops or artificial tears to help hydrate your eyes.
  • Your eyes aren’t the only ones that get dry in the winter, your skin does as well. Try to put your contacts in before moisturizing your hands.
  • As much as we all love our contact lenses, take a break and pop on those designer glasses every now and then. You deserve it.
Should any issues develop involving your eyes, make sure you book in to see Mark.  

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