Mark Presents at Australian Vision Convention 2018 – Myopia Control and Orthokeratology

April 7, 2018 ::  ::

Mark presented the latest research on Myopia Control for kids with progressive myopia and the use of orthoK for this.  The incidence of myopia slide highlighted:

  • 1 in 6 of the world’s population is myopic (2018) ::
  • 1/3 of these reside in SE Asia ::
  • Taiwan close to 90% of young adolescents are myopic – The highest rates of myopia are seen in Asians and Latin Americans (BHVI) ::
  • USA myopia has doubled in the last 20 years ::
  • By 2020 we expect to have 2.5 Billion (32%) people on the planet with myopia ::
  • The prevalence among Australian 12-year-olds doubled between 2005 and 2011 ::
  • Age of onset seems to be lowering ::
  • From this Mark went on to highlight:
  • Myopia has been described as a classic industrial disease and a adaption of modernity and as such by definition is not easy to prevent and treat.
  • It is interesting that the rates are now increasing with reading materials now emitting light and are not simply written sheet.
  • Research is targeted at 5 causative factors:
  • Genetics (predisposition not a destiny) –
  • Environmental influences (light, near work, exercise, diet, retinal defocus) –
  • Behavioral influences –
  • Time spent outdoors and –
  • Hours of near work + Binocular Vision Status  ::
  • It really is the length of the eye that matters in Myopia as:
  • The chance of vision impairment by age 75:
  • An axial length of 30mm or more means a 90% risk –
  • Axial lengths between 26 and 30mm are associated with a 25% –
  • Onset likely to be earlier in the 28-30mm group  ::

So what have we done at Mark Hinds Optometrists?

We have invested heavily in diagnostic equipment such as a Zeiss IOL Master and OCT technology the measures the length (biometry) of the eye so we can measure change and adjust treatment accordingly.

We are dedicated to myopia control as:  ::

  • The prevalence among Australian 12-year-olds doubled between 2005 and 2011!!!!!!!

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