UltraHealth FC Hybrid Lenses

UltraHealth & UltraHealth FC

How well do you see the world around you? With UltraHealth take your life back and see in a new way filled with clarity and comfort. No more lenses popping out. No more irritating dirt.  No more cloudy vision after a few hours of wear.  And, the same size as a soft contact lens.


UltraHealth is the most advanced technology hybrid contact lens for keratoconus! Combination of hard RGP contact lens optics and soft silicone hydrogel skirt comfort.  Ultra-high oxygen and wetability.


UltraHealth FC is now available for post-refractive surgery patients.   The oblate base curves offered in this edition to the UltraHealth family of lenses are well suited for post-Rk, post-LASIK and other cornea trauma conditions.

For more information see our Hybrid Contact Lens Page.


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