Perils of a Scleral Contact Lens Wearer

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This is an interesting piece shared in a Facebook Group by very talented patients who have advanced bilateral keratoconus and wear scleral contact lenses.  An insight from scleral contact lens wearers….

Nightly steps to remove Scleral lenses:

  • Make sure the bathroom sink has the stopper securely in place, to avoid loosing a lens down the drain.
  • Position all necessary products within easy reach, as it will be difficult to find them once the lenses come out.
  • Try to read instructions written in a ridiculously small font on the back of needed products, still hard to see WITH lenses still in.
  • Go searching for the magnifying glass in the kitchen’s “junk drawer”, return to bathroom and read the directions on the products.
  • Gently dislodge lenses that have gotten stuck to the eye because you’ve been wearing them for too many hours, fight with the suction wand until the stubborn lens finally pops out.
  • Clean lens, rinse, place in case, congratulating yourself at remarkably not having dropped it.
  • Repeat with other lens.
  • Drop lens because you got too cocky and tried to hold the lens and cleaner in the same hand as you close the lid on the other lens that you forgot to after placing in in the case.
  • Mutter a prayer that you’ll find the lens, while carefully searching the bathroom floor on your hands and knees, feeling carefully around for the tiny disc, worried you will break it.
  • Find lens on floor, give thanks and proceed to clean it all over again.
  • Place fugitive lens in case and close lid tightly, almost dancing a victory jig.
  • As you finally head to bed, you realize you forgot to brush/floss, wash off makeup, check on the kids, lock the door, let the dog out one more time or all of the above, which you now will perform with very limited sight.
  • Finally crawl into bed and have spouse ask what too so long, and comment no wonder you do not get enough sleep.
  • Choose to ignore almost asleep spouse, because, in all honesty, you can’t see to be able to aim and deliver a well deserved smack/slap/kick/kiss.
  • You try to sleep but sleep fails you but you can’t get up and be proactive because that would involve putting your contacts in, so you stay there and will yourself to sleep.
  • Morning comes and the drama starts again. Make your way to the bathroom, stopper in the sink, have all your stuff organised (and hope someone hasn’t rearranged it).
  • Realise someone has moved the cases so is the lens on the left actually left or is it right.
  • Open case take out lens, hoping you don’t drop it, rinse, then put on sucker and fill.
  • Is there a bubble? No, ok let’s try this, in, light, nope there’s a bubble.
  • Out, refill, try again.
  • Nope still a bubble, repeat until no longer a bubble.
  • Time to go out, no longer is it just phone, wallet, etc, now it’s sucker, refill fluid, cleaner, soaker, spare case.
  • Go about your day and hope the lenses cooperate.
  • …and then the inevitable question…….. Why don’t you just wear glasses?..

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