Myopia Control MiSight Contact Lenses

Did you realise that the prevalence of myopia in 12 year old kids in Australia doubled between 2005 and 2011? Being short sighted carries with it a life long risk of retinal detachment, cataract, glaucoma as well as not seeing clearly at distance. What can be done you ask? Ortho-k contact lenses seem to work the best at about a 60% reduction in progression with soft contact lenses specifically designed for this purpose a very close second. So for those kids who would rather wear a soft contact lens during the day than an ortho-k lens at night time – we use MiSight contact lenses.

The length of the eye changes with myopia so we choose to use the gold standard of measure with a Zeiss IOL Master. The axial length of the eye must be measured to judge whether myopia is progressing! This is part of our myopia control clinic at Mark Hinds Optometrists.

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