Sunlight for shortsightedness and myopia

After Mark spending time at the 2016 – 12th Congress of the Othokeratology Society of Oceana / 5th Congress of the International Academy of Orthokeratology there is more and more light shed on why sunlight and outdoor activity is important in myopia progression.

From the cellular level there are more amacrine and ganglion cells in the peripheral retina compared to the fovea.  These amacrine cells store the neurotransmitting chemical dopamine.  Increased levels of dopamine in the retina (via exposure to SUNLIGHT) has been shown to decrease axial eye length growth in animal studies.  Myopia progression or increase in short sightedness with age is due to the axial length of the eye increasing.  Sunlight is important for preventing myopia and shortsightedness.

Take home message is get outside and play 2 hours a day!!

See some QUT evidence based medical research by Dr Scott Reid:

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